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The Crossing - The site is located along Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City, Philippines, a prominent north-south road intersecting both a highway and an expressway. Having 49 floors with a gross floor area of 40,455 square meters, this mixed-use development will have residential, office, commercial, and hospitality components in its program.

The Crossing transforms a point of intersection into a nice public space linked to the retail part of the tower to take advantage of the area's density. It creates a soaring up development bringing a green canopy contrasting the surrounding concrete jungle.

The podium of the tower features a vast green wall having an illusion of spiraling up towards the top where the sky garden is located and serves as the commercial component of the development with a supermarket and retail stores.

Going up, the amenity level is located at the 6th floor coupled with office spaces with separate access. The 7th to the 34th floor functions as the residential levels whereas the 35th to the 44th is the hotel. Like a tree, this high-rise filters and processes the unpleasant features of its bustling surroundings into a tranquil and desirable living condition.

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