Superlative Metroliving - Kroma Tower

11:03 PM

A Red-Hot Location - Prime links take you places in Makati Central Business District- Everyones whats your connections - the Makati  Central Business District; MCBD Redevelopment scheme's brand spanking new pedestrian network; to top cultural, business and lifedstyle destination within a 1-km radius of Kroma Tower. In a city that excities  and ignites, your home is, like you, second to none.

An Urban Style Playgound - Neaby setting destination trends in convenience, cuisine, and culture.- Before anyone knows about it, if it's hip and happening, you're there. A sashay away: the MCBD  North cultural District, Greenbelt and Makati City's see-and-be-seen-spots. Out of town, you never worry - Kroma Tower has Lock-and-Go convenience. YOur style secret? A home that's not just a pad, but a launch pad; a home that's - withourt a doubt - your most fabulous find.

A Home that Looks this Good - An address reflecting your style and your swagger.- Every step, you're at the right place at the right time. A commanding 46-storey tower of 821 space-efficient homes, amplified by 1,600 sqm of sleek amenities. Arrive everyday to a new retail and dining belt; a new urban park experience by the lobby; the rofftop Enterprise Lounge that's the place to be for the New Year fireworks. At Kroma Tower, there's plenty to celebrate - what can only be called superlative metroliving.

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