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Imagine a Haven Built right at the Cosmopolitan Center Makati - Makati City. An Emblem of Affluence. Makati City is the country's premier business and financial district known to be home of the affuent. and right in the middle of Makati is Valero Grand Suites a 31-storey residential condominium hotel deisgned with elegance and style.

With its unparalleled sophistication and modern aesthetic sense, hotel living is just an everyday experience. Nearby are all the famouse shopping centers like the upscale Greenbelt and Glorietta malls and prominent business and commercial landmarks such as the Makai Stock Exchange, Ayala Commercial Center, makati Medical Center, Asian Institute of Management, and Ayala Museum.

Talk About hotel - Condominium Home Living and You Call It Prestige. It's a Unique Experience and Opportunity.

The Experience is unique because of the combined features of the convenience of a condominium and the luxury of a hotel. But owning a unit in Valero investment. Maximized the value of your investment and expect valuable returns. This is what you call superior value for money. Ideal for Businessmen, executives, and investors.

All Your Looking For A Home Is Here.
We give you the finest things the world can offer - hotel living everyday and a valuable investment for your money.

Not a usual life is offered here. Our amenities offer an elegent lifestyle anyone can dream about.

Unique. Upscale. Elite

Relish Your Home Experience. Our Units are Classy and Unique in Stle. Perfectly Designed For You.
Get Fasionable. The ambience is relaxing and fun.
Our Units are luxuriously furnished
A spacious nuit plan with stylish functionality.
Each with its own character that suits different lifestyles.

STUDIO-TYPE UNITSOur studio-type units are designed for signle and bachelors looking for their own personal space. This is a sophisticated unit that provides complete facilities, perfect for the fast-paced life in the middle of the city.

Enjoy life's comforts while still young.

Get LUXURIOUS. Enjoy Your Independence
1 to 3 Bedroom Units

We have one to three bedroom units to choose from. These are perfect for couples or small wanting to enjoy a bigger and better functionality.

Our Units are designed with modern inspired accents- neutral colors, rich finished, and lush Bedrooms, all which contribute in creating your perfect sanctry.

A One-Bedroom unit is perfect for those starting a family. You also have an opinion to choose a loft unit.
If you want a begger space, reside in our two-bedroom unit. For a small families, this kind of unit is highly functional. Each is designed with the  modern inspired artistic accents that gives a warm feeling of completeness.

Neitral colors, rich finishes, and lush bedrooms create a soothing sanctuary. This is what makes Valero Grand Suites' three-bedroom Unit.
State of the art facilities are tastefully concealed, adding serenity and beauty to the place, a reflection of the quality of life of us in dreaming of.

Our amenities. An Understated Elegance. certainly World-Class.
Experience a wonderfull journey inside an elegant sanctuary. Right at the doorstep, a delightful reception welcomes you to the grandlobby.
Just a few minute walk and you may start your business meeting in your function rooms.
After your business transaction, you may  dine and unwind with your clients in our first class restaurants and coffee shops.
Tired from ow

rk? Enjoy the cool waters of the swimming pool.
Or you can chill out and groove with good music at the sky lounge.
If you feel like spending some quiet time on your own, experience nature in the deck garden.
An d dont forget to stay young and fit with our Gym and Spa Facilities
What more you can ask for it all in Valero.

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